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Every year, thousands of people arrive in Australia to start a dream life they have imagined. Now Australia is also a major holiday destination and a place to study. We understand making a decision to migrate is not an easy task. It involves lots of steps.
The decision to move to Australia is still perhaps the major that you will ever have to make. It is crucial that you study all of visa options carefully and conduct plenty of research so that you can start your new life in Australia peacefully.
Since 2015, Edge Migration has magnificently helped people apply for a visa to Australia and start a new life they always dreamed of.
From the time you engage Edge Migration as your visa agent you will experience a professional still friendly service from our staff who have had a long association with Australia and better understanding of the complete migration system.
Edge Migration is supported by an outstanding team who are passionate about providing a professional, complete and honest service and are able to navigate the Australia’s complex migration processes on your behalf. We have an established record in providing current visa and immigration advice to persons and businesses. We work directly with our clients and does not outsource work to other companies or individuals.

Our capabilities include;

  • Advice on Immigration
  • Visa processing or lodging
  • Skilled migration
  • Business migration
  • Sponsored migration
  • Family migration
  • Temporary migration
  • Student visas
  • Tourist visas
  •  Education advice
  • Investment advice and guidance
  • Administrative Appeals

We don’t consider you just as an applicant, you are an individual and we believe in having constant communication with you and update throughout the visa process.
All of our migration experts are well trained and qualified in processing any type of visa requirements. Building and maintaining trust are our core values.
Want to find out more? Call +61 431 442 080 to discuss your visa options for Australia.

Imagine your life in Australia with a migration consultancy you can trust!


Shuchi Nanda

MARA : 1467205 Member of Migration Alliance

Currently pursuing JurisDoctorCompleted: MBA from Victoria University in 2005. Completed Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law in 2014.

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