eVisitor (subclass 651)

eVisitor (subclass 651) visa is for a passport holder from an authorized country. Only those authorized countries can apply for this visa. When you lodge your application for an eVisitor, you must be outside Australia. You do not need a stamp or label in your passport or visit an immigration office. Yet, you will receive a confirmation for your records.

An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for those who want to visit Australia

Things to know before you apply

  • You can receive eVisitor visa by airlines, travel agents and Australian border agencies
  • You can stay in Australia for up to three months during each visit during the 12 months from the date the eVisitor is granted
  • You can use this visa for a holiday or visit family and friends in Australia
  • Study in Australia for up to three months
  • You can involve in business visitor activities
  • You are eligible for volunteer work tourism schemes
  • eVisitor visa does not allow you to work in Australia.
  • Your main purpose with this visa in visiting Australia is tourism

If you wish to apply for this visa, contact us for consultation and advice.


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