Are you engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident? You may enter Australia on a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)...

Spouse (Partner)

You may apply for a Partner Visa, once you enter Australia and marry your partner.


You are eligible to apply for an Australia parent visa, if you have one or more children living in Australia as permanent citizen.

Contributory Parents

The contributory parent visa category is similar to the parent visa that allows Australian residents to sponsor their parents to join them in Australia. The foremost benefit of a Contributory Parent visa is that applicants avoid the long waiting period in obtaining this visa.

Aged Parents

The aged parent visa is appropriate for parents who have children residing in Australia who are authorized to sponsor their parents.This type of visa is appropriate for an aged parent or the parents of a child who is a settled Australian citizen.

Dependent Children

The child visa stream allows parents to sponsor their children to join them in Australia. Incase child is younger than 18 years, the parent can apply on behalf of the child.This visa is suitable for a child of an Australian permanent citizen.

Remaining Relative

The Remaining relative visa is a permanent visa for people who want to live in Australia with their relatives. Applicant must be outside Australia while lodging an application and before the visa is granted.


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