Global Special Humanitarian (subclass 202)

The Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202) is individuals who are outside Australia and not living in their home​​ country, who have faced extensive discrimination amounting to a gross violation of your human rights in their home country

In country Special Humanitarian (subclass 201)

he In-country Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 201) is for individuals who are living in and matter to discrimination in their home country, and failed to leave that country to become refuge elsewhere.

Protection visa (subclass 866)

Protection visa (subclass 866) can be granted to individuals who found to engage Australia’s protection obligations.

Refugee visa (subclass 200)

The Refugee visa (subclass 200) is for people who are outside Australia and living outside their home country and are victimized in their country.

Women at Risk visa (subclass 204)

The Woman at Risk visa (subclass 204) is women who are outside Australia and not living in their home country, without any protection of a male relative and are in risk of persecution, harassment or severe abuse because of gender inequality in society.

Emergency rescue visa (subclass 203)

The Emergency Rescue visa (subclass 203) is for people who are facing persecution in their home country and their life is in danger or personal security is in threat.


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