Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)

The Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) is for individuals who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis for specific activities. This is a temporary visa for short period of time. Following are the list of activities eligible for 408 visa:

  • Entertainers
  • Invited participants
  • Researchers
  • Religious workers
  • Special programs
  • Staff exchange
  • Superyacht crews
  • Domestic worker executives

Things to know before you apply

  • You can apply for to get this visa only after you have been selected by an employer in regional Australia
  • There is no selection required for this visa
  • As this is a temporary visa, you can be in or outside while applying or receiving this visa
  • If you apply from outside Australia and you are expected to stay in Australia for three months or less and your event organizer will be responsible for support test.

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