Training visa (subclass 407)

The Training visa (subclass 407) is for individuals who want to participate in occupational training or professional development and visit to Australia on a temporary basis.

Following are three types of nomination eligibility categories enclosed by this visa:

  • Workplace-based training is essential for registration
  • Few entitled professions requires structured workplace-based training
  • Training that encourages capacity building overseas.

Things to know before you apply

  • If you are outside Australia and only when your visa is granted, you are allowed to travel inside and outside Australia
  • You can stay in Australia up to a maximum of 2 years, specified in your training visa application
  • If you are in Australia at time of grant, this visa allows you to stay in Australia during the period granted
  • Apart from your occupational training programme, you are allowed to participate in unrelated part-time, classroom-based study

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